To keep up with the top art trends, has become the new trend. Every person who has ever dreamt of building their own nest has always desired the current art trends that can enhance the look and feel of their home. And because nobody wants to be left behind in showing off their interior design knowledge, right?

Popular art trends consist of new practices including the latest designs, artworks, interior designing, and home decor that keep changing with the times and according to the needs of the market. Now, with an unavoidable situation that hangs over our heads and keeps us in the safety of our four walls, the world of art has dramatically shifted and the trending art has taken a U-turn for better things.

The trends which have taken over the world of art range from art focussing on wellness to art that has practically become virtual, boosting the e-commerce sector. Today, we tell you some of the famous fine art trends that have taken over the world of art this year;

  • Wellness
  • One of the most popular art trends is the importance of art in the context of wellness. With the growing pandemic around the world, trending art that helps in healing is imperative. Artworks ranging from paintings, wall art, sculptures, and even soothing art pieces can help increase people’s wellness.

    When people connect to a certain artwork, it increases their mindset towards actively interprating its meaning and this very connection leads to the increased ability of the brain to heal and remain active. Abstract art, nature-inspired artwork, soothing landscapes, minimalistic paintings, and sculptures; having your favorite artwork around can seemingly stimulate your brain, boost your self-esteem and lower your stress levels.

    Adding art in your workspace or home often develops into better social interaction as well and this is why it tops our list of top art trends.

  • An alternate way
  • It is no hidden fact that participating in buying, investing, and owning art can be an expensive affair. While art fanatics sit at home and wonder when they can lay their hands on their favorite piece of art, they also wonder how they can make it pocket-friendly. The current art trend is to invest in alternatives — not only are they great for your pocket but they also fulfill the category of looking seamlessly authentic.

    The Bimba happens to be a one-stop shop to fulfill your heart’s demands; offering you hundreds of framed art prints which are great substitutes for original paintings. A glimpse at it and your guests wouldn’t be able to differentiate between an original painting and our framed art print. One can find all the trending paintings that are premium framed prints right here!

  • Nature Inspired Art 
  • One common thing that we love as humans is nature; the mere presence of trees, your favorite plants, and fresh air alleviates your mood. You could be an art aficionado, a lover of plants, or an interior designing enthusiast but a little touch of green hurt nobody. One of the fine art trends is to have nature-inspired art in your home; these range from a wide variety of paintings, framed prints, artificial plants, nature-inspired sculpture, vertical wall art, floral-themed wallpapers, and even tropical-inspired bathroom tiles.

    Nature follows us everywhere! Not only they add some color to your home but they also bring along a sense of peace and aesthetics that are unmatchable. The floral painting collection at The Bimba is the perfect example for this trend; they range from single to two sets and three sets of paintings which will enhance the look of any of your rooms.

    Other options to look at can be adding wooden furniture, earthy colored palettes, paintings that depict flowers, flora, and fauna, and mountains. So for the current art trends, don’t forget to go green.

  • Virtual Art
  • One of the most understandable popular art trends is virtual art. In the midst of a pandemic, people have learned to mend their whole lives and live them in a completely new way. The world of art also learned how to interact with their larger audience while sitting at home and this has been achieved through virtual art. Online art exhibitions, increased opportunities to buy art online, online fashion shows, unveiling of new art collection through websites — you name it and people have tried it.

    Another platform through which people have increasingly showcased their art-related talent is through social media; Instagram lives and Facebook are your new best friends to explore new art. These range from sharing their work online to actually producing digital and graphical work online which makes it easier for people to navigate. Look out for interesting virtual art in the top art trends.

  • Metallic Tones
  • We all love Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ — it is bold, passionate and one of the most outstanding pieces of art ever made. But the thing that makes it stand out is the use of gold, silver, and platinum leaf. These metallic tones catch your artistic eye and make it stand out from the rest.  A little bling and a little rust at the same time, the beauty of having metallic tones in your house is the next trending art we will discuss.

    Metallic tones in any artwork give it a dimension and a strong personality; these can be incorporated into the house through many mediums -  foil art, actual metal pieces which are inculcated in sculptures and wall arts, paintings that are completely made out of metallic colors and pigments, floral metal art which is at the top of wall art trends - endless options as to how you can add metallic tones to your house and give it a rustic and yet modern look. 

  • Maximalism
  • Gone are those days when people wanted a minimalistic-looking house with features that don’t break the attention of a viewer. One of the current art trends is maximalism; maximalism in interior designing is a trend that requires bold patterns, loud colors, strategically placed unique artworks, statement pieces, and specially curated artworks.

    This style might seem like a little too much in your face, but the beauty of it lies in the perfect balance and harmony that come together when everything is placed rightly. This being one of the popular art trends, takes up a lot of thought and balancing of elements. Something as easy as abstract art can be the beginning of your journey towards maximalism; add with it the loud colored furniture, bold patterned tiles, and the perfect showpieces to go with your idea and your house might end up looking elegant, sophisticated, and ready for the guests!