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The diversity of Indian culture is reflected in its indigenous art. From the divine beauty of Pichwai to the dotted excellence of Gond paintings, each of these forms have a rich heritage. At The Bimba, we celebrate these Indian art forms and their makers. Our Indian art collection is 100% handmade and created by expert craftsmen. By ordering from Bimba, you're bringing a smile to our artists's faces!


Artshala: Pichwai Art

#Artshala: Pichwai Art

The year is 1672. A deity representing Lord Krishna’s avatar as a 7-year-old is being transported from Mathura via Agra. Suddenly the bullock cart comes to an abrupt halt as the axle gets stuck in the mud. Devouts see it as a divine sign from Shrinathji (a local form of Lord Krishna) and decide to build a temple at that spot. 

The town is now called Nathdwara (the gateway to Shrinath), which is hailed as the birthplace of Pichwai art.

October 08, 2020 — Team Bimba
This Village in Orissa is Telling Stories Through Sarees and Tamarind

This Village in Orissa is Telling Stories Through Sarees and Tamarind

An artist sits hunched over a stiff canvas, holding a paintbrush. The creases on his forehead say that nothing can disturb his meditation right now. Splashes of black, yellow and gerua (orange) burst forth from the innermost recesses of his mind to recite an old talea tale of Lord Krishna and his enigmatic life. Many would have already heard this story, but the way he brings out the green of trees and the reddish smile dancing on a Gopi’s lipsit’s something very few storytellers would touch upon.

September 28, 2020 — Team Bimba
The Story of Adolf Hitler: An ‘Unsatisfactory’ Artist

The Story of Adolf Hitler: An ‘Unsatisfactory’ Artist

Dictator, draconian, eccentric, oppressive, mass murderer…
These are just a few words often associated with Adolf Hitler.
But have you imagined him as an artist? Probably not.

Hitler dedicated his early life to art and painted several oil and watercolour paintings to earn a living. However, his work was panned by art critics. So, how did a young artist turn into a dictator?

September 21, 2020 — Team Bimba


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