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The diversity of Indian culture is reflected in its indigenous art. From the divine beauty of Pichwai, the grandeur of Classical Indian Miniature artworks and the dotted excellence of Gond Paintings, each of these forms have a rich heritage. At Bimba, we celebrate these Indian art forms. Our Indian art collection is meticulously curated and elicits absolute joy and admiration at the sheer magnificence of India’s indigenous art at a mere glance.

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The diversity of Indian culture is reflected in its indigenous art. From the divine beauty of Pichwai Painting to the dotted excellence of Gond paintings, each of these forms have a rich heritage. At The Bimba, we celebrate these Indian art forms and their makers. Our Indian art collection is 100% handmade and created by expert craftsmen. By Painting online from Bimba, you're bringing a smile to our artists's faces!




For all those who are less aware or not at all aware of Vastu Shastra, let us begin by understanding its meaning. ‘Vastu’ means a home/building architecture and “Shastra’ means a set of rules so the complete term becomes ‘a set of rules for a building architecture’. In simple words, it’s a Science of Architecture that lets us know about the arrangement of all five elements of nature for absolute peace. These elements include earth, water, sky, fire, and air.

February 12, 2022 — Team Bimba


The world of art has always been one that changes over time and reflects the latest cultural trends, and the next decade will not be any different in this regard. In fact, we can already predict some of the future art trends that might become popular as we move into 2022. If you’re an artist or creator looking to stay ahead of the curve, check out these 6 art trends in 2022 that are likely to shake up the world of art as we know it!

February 09, 2022 — Team Bimba


Interior design trends change every year, and new ones keep coming out as the years go by. Some of these are more popular than others, and some have even influenced pop culture in some way or another, but only a few actually stick around through the years. Whether you’re an interior designer or just looking to spice up your living space, you’ll definitely want to consider following these top interior design trends for 2022!

February 04, 2022 — Team Bimba

The Bimba: An Exclusive Online Art Gallery in India

Welcome to Bimba, the one-stop destination for all creative personalities or art lovers. Since human civilization had begun, art has been a significant aspect of our society. Not simply an artistic presentation of patterns and shapes around, art forms also tend to highlight and share a complete odyssey of a particular era and culture. Passion, love, and admiration for art and its different forms are the foundation of Bimba. In this world, there are various forms of art, which are unique and intricate. And, we make every possible effort to make these beautiful art pieces and paintings available online at
your doorsteps. So, whether you want to give your interior a traditional touch or modern style, you can check out our collections and buy paintings online for the best interior looks!


Discussing about the establishment of the Bimba, it was founded in the year 2020. The founders set it out with an aim to make canvas paintings and art more accessible and a fun experience for all of you. The sole motto is to reduce the gap between the painting creators and clients by developing an online platform where cultural and modern art finds the right recognition. Bimba brings everything at your fingertips and doorsteps. Now, you can buy paintings online here and skip the hassle of checking various art galleries physically.


Indian art includes a range of art forms, including canvas paintings, textile artwork, and more. At Bimba, we make almost all Indian arts available to you. Primarily we have 6 types of Indian art paintings, including Pichwai, Pattachitra, Madhubani, Gond, Kalighat, and Classical Indian Art/Miniature paintings. Each type of painting has unique characteristics and showcase richness of Indian culture.

If you are someone who is fond of traditional artwork, you can buy wall art paintings from this category. Surely, you and your loved ones will be mesmerized with the interior’s appeal. Other than that, if you have an art-lover in your circle, you can buy art online for them from us. Each piece of art is not just artistically appealing but also affordable.

At Bimba, we know you might be fond of specific artists and wish to buy paintings online from their amazing collections. Therefore, we have added stunning paintings by some famous artists around the
world to our collection. Specifically, you can buy art paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, Kamisaka Sekka, Edvard Munch, Paul Gaugin, Henri Rousseau, Georges Seurat, and H. Lyman Sayen. Our collection
includes famous art pieces by these artists, which will enable you get a desired look for your space.

The best part about buying art online from us is that you get each piece framed in a sturdy frame. It does not just enhance the beauty of the painting but also ensures its safety against damages. Additionally, the price range of these masterpiece paintings by popular artists is also reasonable enough that anyone with a limited budget can also buy it with ease.

We live in a modern world and many people prefer giving a modern look to their spaces. Be it their home or workplace, they want to make it look updated and trending. And, modern art paintings help them get what they are looking for. Explore the collection of modern art at Bimba and buy paintings online for any interior.

Talking about the styles of modern art paintings, we have abstract paintings, minimal abstract paintings, Landscape paintings, and floral paintings. All these paintings forms promise to give your interior the most-wanted look while adding a sense of modernity to the space. Whichever painting you choose, be ready to be mesmerized! 

As of today, people having more knowledge and sense of art focusm more on the subject and style of the paintings. Therefore, we have a separate collection of paintings for such customers. We want our platform to be a one-stop shop for all art and painting needs of our clients. So, we make sure there is something for all at our website so you never go empty handed from here.

In this particular collection, we have Buddha paintings, 7 running Horses paintings, Ganesha paintings, Radha Krishna paintings, Floral and landscape paintings. Each piece depicts the subject as well as style in a stunning way. Whether you are looking paintings for walls of your sweet house, office, or simply for gifting, these painting are super appropriate. The intricacy of these paintings highlights the skills of the artists, which is definitely worth applauding from all of us.

At Bimba, we know that you may want some exclusive paintings for your different rooms of your home. Living room is the first spot of meeting when anyone comes at your place so it should look different from other rooms of your house. It should be able to create an impression on the visitors. Therefore, we have come up with a separate collection of living room paintings for you so you stay ahead of the interior décor trend. You can check out our ‘Art by Rooms’ collections and buy paintings online from this range to get an extraordinary appeal in the hall.


A plain wall will appear unattractive after some time. Adding a pop of color and patterns put a strong impression on the human mind. Cool toned shades look calming while warm shades induce sense of warmth. A painting plays an essential role in uplifting the beauty of any room. It can instantly change the ambiance of the room while reflecting the persona of the homeowner. To make your space stand out, you should consider following factors before buying paintings online. We, at Bimba, always want you to pick the best wall art painting for your interior so we’ve given a short and concise guide to selecting the best paintings.

At Bimba, we make it easier for you to buy paintings online by meticulously curating each art piece. We relentlessly work to bring the finest and latest paintings for walls for your home and office. At our platform, you have too many options, including paintings styles, dimensions, and color theme that can offer you the desired result.



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All these points add to our exclusivity and make us different from other online art platforms. We just want you to be happy so you always look forward to us whenever you want to buy paintings online!