A pop of color, a dash of liveliness, and breathtaking visuals for your homes! Home decor art is a word that people often connect to modern and aesthetically appealing interiors—something that has gained much attention over the years and converted into an inescapable trend. Do you feel the world of interiors intimidates you? Don’t worry. Today we tell you about something as easy as adding color to your home via art, which, in its own way, is an extension of home decor.  Illustrated art are digital artworks that combine drawings, paintings, images and other elements to create an animated canvas. This form of art is a step away from realistic paintings and provides a break for the viewers from mundane paintings. Here is a list of incredible home decor products that can be used to enliven your room: 

The Indian Gala Set

Beginning with a pair of illustrated artwork with some Indian-pop colors! Our set of 2 Indian Gala artworks is a pair of paintings in the hues of pink. This digital print uses different elements associated with India and gives you a modern twist woven into ample color and chicness. The prominent features of the artwork consist of components like architecture, botanical elements and nature which can be seamlessly blended into your household as one of your cherished home decor items.

Shadows of the Sea Illustration 

It is a whimsical sci-fi dream, every child’s wild imagination of an alternative universe, and an illustration that will be equally loved by the young and the old. We present the ‘Shadows of the Sea’ artwork which imagines a scene right out of a novel. With crisp animated features, it depicts colossal waves crashing in the backdrop with a giant monstrous Octopus enveloping the only beacon in sight, a lighthouse. One of the unconventional home decor products, you can use it to turn your corners unique and interesting. 

The Set of ‘Beats of the Rainbow’

Our next recommendation is a vibrant set of illustrated artwork and a delight for music lovers. ‘Beats of the Rainbow’ is a set of 3 paintings consisting of musical instruments, a piano, a saxophone, and a gramophone. The minimal subject matter combined with sizzling colors makes for a timeless piece of home decor art that will be perfect for your home, office, cafe, and every other corner! 

Frida by Petra Lidze

Illustrated artwork can not only be used as a piece of home decor art to add color and liveliness to your home but also act as a meaningful piece of art acting as a conversation starter and providing a piece of history. Our next suggestion is an artwork that needs no introduction. Petra Lidze’s illustrated work highlights the legendary Mexico painter Frida Kahlo whose work was considered vivid and portrayed indigenous Mexcian symbolism. 

The Set of Hangin’ Around 

Step away from concrete jungles and take a step into the wild. Welcome nature into your home with our 2 ‘Hangin’ Around’ illustrated work highlighting the lush jungles, animals, and birds enveloped in all the right shades of nature. These botanically influenced home decor products bring a cohesive and elegant look to your space while maintaining the essence of an illustration.

Cappadocia and Udaipur Travel Illustration

Who doesn’t love home decor art that gives you the pleasure of traveling while sitting in the comfort of your home? From the hot air balloons of Cappadocia to the city of lakes, Udaipur, our colorful collection of travel illustrations is a window for every travel lover. It is a vibrant and great way of keeping up the spirits in your office and home and making it uniquely personal. 

A Bond of Grace

An illustration that is elegant, versatile, and understated. The ‘Bond of Grace’ Abstract artwork is one of the home decor items for those who like to keep it minimal. With bold lines, shapes, and colors this piece of home decor art adds a contemporary and dynamic vibe with its royal presence of the color blue. Make this artwork a focal point in your home and create a dynamic and interesting visual landscape.  

Buffalo Hunter by Julian Martinez

A unique native Indian artwork that reflects rich heritage and artistry, the ‘Buffalo Hunter’ by Julian Martinez offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of native Indians while capturing their essence in intricate detail using watercolor ink and pencil. Home decor products that encapsulate cultural narratives and brilliant visual storytelling add great character to your home. 


Our last recommendation is the most colorful of the lot. Doppelpack is a creative and eccentric illustration by Italian sculptor, painter and artist, Alfio Giuffrida. A vivid landscape of geometric elements that seamlessly camouflages itself into human beings and their surroundings. Alfio’s work is best known as contemporary art and can be used as one of the home decor items to add a neo-pop element to your home. 

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