Bharath Vaidyanathan: Cities, Cultures and the Canvas


Art is a mysterious yet powerful tool. It manifests itself in multiple ways and the power to create this art lies in the hands of artists - dynamic, creative, bold, and sheer brilliant. Today, we take you behind the canvas and the magnificent brush strokes of an artist whose collection is one of our most sought-after. We introduce you to someone who found his inspiration in every nook and corner of the world and transferred it to the tip of his paintbrushes - Bharath Vaidyanathan. Bharath is known for his artworks that capture multiple cultures, the essence of a city, and every little element that ties it together and makes it what it is. From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the ancient temples of Kerala, to the quaint lanes of Italy, his art is a reflection of how he finds beauty and meaning in ordinary and yet, chaotic settings.

Born and brought up in South India, Bharath is called the ‘artist with an MBA’. Now based in Mumbai, he considers art to be his best friend which has stuck with him through every phase of his life.  Exposed to art at a young age, he fondly recalls spending countless hours in his school’s art room with his teacher, Shankari Ma’am. His collection offers us a glimpse of the cultural beauty that he has absorbed through his travels and a life experience that binds his art together - historical architecture, quaint corners, bustling streets, and vibrant festivals that speak of the beauty that we tend to miss in our daily busy lives. 

‘Villa Maya: Trivandrum Charms’ from the collection ‘Scent of a City’

A glance at Bharath’s work and one can easily spot the importance of the medium he prefers to work with. Using it as an instrument to explore possibilities of bringing his art alive, he uses vibrant colours and bold lines to create paintings that are meaningful, vivacious, and lyrical. “When I use acrylic, I believe in the depths and textures of dry strokes, energetic lines, and form that emanates energy instead of containing the depiction to its familiar form. For example, it is impossible to capture the energy of the elephants in festivals in Kerala by actually replicating them. The touch of acrylic strokes lets me bring out the frenzy.” Similarly, Bharath experiments with mixed media and watercolour to bring out the majestic structures and lanes that are elevated with the help of ink with sharp black and white textures with added intersections of colours.  Yet, he oscillates between his go-to mediums - acrylic on canvas, watercolour, and pen & ink. 

bharath’s painting

Frenzied: Pooram Kaanam from the collection ‘Enriched Roots’

Through every shape of his drawing subject, a stroke of the brush, and a shade of color, Bharath has found his rhythm. But what does he do when he comes face to face with the dreaded phase of having to deal with a creative block? He traces back the steps that inspired him to pick up the brush and create unique gems. Travelling, and watching the art of other artists, big and small, and the wonder of all things chaotic inspires him. “Whenever there is an artist’s block, I break free in pursuit of chaos through travel and a curiosity to find great art. I might find it in a busy morning railway station, on a dinner table, or an imposing monument.”

Some of his most meaningful and memorable work has developed by customizing artworks for friends, and art lovers. By interacting with people and understanding their thought processes and needs, Bharath has been able to create pieces that have emerged out of weeks of pure engagements about art. This immersive experience has allowed him to grow as an artist and walk closer to his dream of being an ‘art socialist’ in the future. 

bharath’s art


‘A Few of My Favorite Things’

As an artist, he dedicates his growth and learnings to the countless hours he spent in the studios of legendary artists AV Ilango, Kishore, and Bhagwan. Bharath is the recipient of over 100 awards in Fine Arts contests and has exhibited his work at prestigious art festivals like The Kochi Biennale’s collateral event, South India Art Show, Art Plaza Kala Ghoda, and the International Art exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy. For over ten years, he has been exhibiting and shipping his art across the world. 

Exclusively available on our website, Bharath Vaidyanathan’s collection is a reflection of his life and travels that have inspired vibrant artworks that speak to people of all ages. Some of Bharath’s celebrated collections are ‘Scent of A City’, an ode to the cities he has visited and loved, ‘Enriched Roots’ where he explores beauty through the rustic, traditional spectacles through which great cultures are built, and ‘A Few of My Favorite Things’, a mix of films he cherishes to the animals he loves’.