Art is a tool that is received and perceived in different forms in today’s contemporary world. From movies, music, paintings, pottery, and plays, to more modernistic forms like mixed media, art is found in every shape and at the end of the day, is a creative extension of our beliefs. Every individual has a unique taste in art. While some prefer minimal, sophisticated aesthetics, others prefer loud and maximalist forms of art that speak to them. As a homebody, one tends to find art, inspiration, and meaning in home decor products and one of the exclusive home decor items are artworks from collections of artists. Creating an artisanal ambiance using uncommon artworks from artists is a game that only a few people admire but once you step into the field, it becomes delightfully entertaining. Exposure to meaningful art in one’s home holds great significance and enhances personal taste, creates motivation, and provides overall fulfillment. It Today, we take you away from the practice of placing artwork randomly all over your home and and start creating an impression of deliberate and thoughtful endeavor. Read about these 5 artists and their artwork collections to know more about home decor and creating a home with artful intention.  

Anurag Anand

An artist, author, and creator, Anurag Anand’s exclusive collection at the Bimba is evocative, stark, and thought-provoking. A corporate professional, he discovered his love for art and is a self-taught artist. From nature to humans, you will find a piece of home decor that suits modern art lovers with a humble touch of traditional themes. Shapes, humans, colors, and nature are some of the elements that you will discover in his work and come across his interesting experiments with different mediums - although his favorites remain acrylic and oil. As an artist, he believes that the thought and process behind each artwork are unique, allowing the viewer a visual delight. 


Nisha Dial

Another soon-to-be-available exclusive collection on our website is a floral delight. For those who believe in the power of the lotus, a symbol of resilience, strength, and purity, one must check out the Nisha Dial collection. Nisha Dial is an artist whose work reflects an interplay of light, and darkness along with the magnificent use of tools creating an interesting texture in her paintings. Her collection consists of lotuses in their natural habitat of ponds and various refreshing colors that one can use for any space. A lover of landscape paintings, her works are heavily influenced by artist Claude Monet. As a home decor product, her exclusive works are a modern makeover of the lotus flower. 


Bharath Vaidyanathan

Our next suggestion is of an artist who calls himself ‘an artist with an MBA’. He found inspiration in every nook and corner of the world and transferred it to the tip of his paintbrushes. Born and brought up in South India, Bharath Vaidyanathan’s collection offers us a glimpse of the cultural beauty that he has absorbed through his travels and a life experience that binds his art together. Bharath’s collection is a way of looking at multiple cultures, vibrant cities, and every element that brings them together. From famous landmarks, and momentous festivals, to food and transport, you will find yourself in a refreshing land of acrylic, watercolor, pen, and ink - a stimulating home decor item.


Vincent Van Gogh

Known as the mad genius behind the gem ‘The Starry Night’, Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who created nearly 2100 paintings in a decade. His impressive control of brushstrokes and use of bold colors made his paintings stand out. Most of his landscapes, still-lifes, portraits, and self-portraits laid the foundation for modern work. The presence of Van Gogh's artwork in your home uplifts the artistic aesthetic of your space and reflects your creative expression of home decor. Some of his famous artworks are The Starry Night, The Starry Night Over The Rhone, Oleanders, and most of his self-portraits. 


Raja Ravi Varma

Ending with a legendary Indian painter who is known for his artistic brilliance and his unmatchable skills with the brush. Raja Ravi Varma’s work is a household name and is celebrated for its aesthetic appeal and cultural significance. A royalty in the field of Indian art, his paintings reflect a perfect balance of Indian mythological elements and European academic art techniques which are reinforced in his realistic artworks. Having his artwork as one of the home decor items significantly enhances the ambiance of your home and gives an impression of refined aesthetic sensibility.