The craft of turning an empty space or a wall into an appealing, interesting, and tasteful place, is a process that brings together wondrous elements from all the fields of interior design and home wall decor. In a modern world where we are constantly trying to redo and resign our homes and offices, we are always faced with unlimited options that will uplift the look of any room. But today we bring you one specific, remarkable decor piece that is long-lasting and extremely premium. Colorful, elegant, traditional, and sophisticated wall art canvas that are magnificent paintings and wall art decor superheroes in themselves. We show you how to turn your walls into masterpieces with some of the most well-known artworks and collections that can be used as exquisite standalone artwork or be grouped according to your home’s overall theme. Keep reading till the end to choose your favorite!


1. Madhubani Paintings 


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We begin with the most colorful of the lot - Madhubani Paintings. Considered one of the most vibrant, meaningful, and traditional Indian artworks, Madhubani artworks breathe life into any space. Traditionally known as Mithila paintings, it belongs to the Madhubani district of Bihar and is known for its auspicious symbolism. Each artwork is filled with motifs that symbolize different meanings. From trees and flowers, to animals, they symbolize love, wisdom, strength, fertility, wealth, long life, etc. It also shares common features with the Japanese concept of Feng Shui, which brings positivity to one’s home and home wall decor.


2. Gond Paintings


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Another sacred wall art canvas and our next favorite is an Indian tribal art which has a close relationship with nature. Gond home wall arts are artworks that are prominently vivid and radiant and yet have eloquent features. Visually, they stand out because of their creative use of dots and lines which makes the image come to life. The clever use of dots and lines instills a sense of movement in the painting. The spirituality of the Gond people is profoundly linked to these elements and by painting these natural elements they bring in good luck and show their gratitude towards nature. If creating a sense of positivity is one of your home decor goals, this is your pick.


3. Pattachitra Paintings


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One of the most intricate wall art decor Indian paintings, Pattachitra Artwork, can be used as a single painting to light up your entire wall and turn it into a magnificent piece of art. It truly can be described as a decorative canvas, which is a celebration in itself. Not only do they honour divinity, but they also manage to weave the viewer into an enchanting web of storytelling of timeless legends like Ramayana. Originating from Bengal and Odisha, it is primarily used in temples as a substitute for Lord Jagannath’s idol. The sheer sanctity and precision of this artwork are enough to turn your place around 180 degrees!


4. Classical Indian Art


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Moving from colorful and playful artworks to more sophisticated ones, we bring you the royal collection of Classical Indian Art. A combination of four schools of art - Mughal, Deccan, Rajasthani, and Pahari, it is known for its miniature paintings which are extremely detailed and a visual delight. They are famous for themes that depict the daily lives of royal households and also royal portraits, exquisite birds and animals, important events, and occasions - all done with a brush with as fine hair as of a squirrel. More than the colors, the craftsmanship stands out and compels the viewers to appreciate the wall art canvas.


5. Raja Ravi Varma Artworks



A perfect union of European style and Indian subjects, Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings are iconic artworks that can be recognized in a sea of wall art decor. The emotional sensibilities and storytelling via Indian mythology and characters are prominent themes in Varma’s works. His unmatched skills are famous for making the work look almost lively and real. Paintings like Jatayu Vadha, Hamsa and Damayanti, Woman Holding a Fruit and other gods and goddesses are ever-classic artworks that change the character of a wall with their mere presence.


6. Petra Lidze


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We end with a quirky, lively, and modern illustration suggestion. A minimal yet impactful collection exclusively available on our website - the Petra Lidze collection. These illustrated artworks comprise themes like traveling, self-love, leisure, and all things joy! Perfect for a workspace and cozy corners of your favorite home wall decor that need color, and liveliness in a chic way.


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