Ours is a not-for-profit initiative, called Bimba Vision, that works for the upliftment of the poor and impoverished people. We, at Bimba Vision, feel that it is the shared responsibility of the privileged class to help the less privileged and those in distress. In order to fulfill this purpose, we reach out to such people by organising camps in the poor communities and render all the help we can.

There are people, both young as well as adults, who cannot see clearly due to defective vision and for this reason, they cannot read or work. Therefore, these can no longer attend a school or continue in employment (mostly menial) which prevents them from securing a good life. Our current initiative is built around collecting old spectacles that are no longer used and have been lying in some remote corner of the house. We collect such spectacles in donation drives, restore them in good-use conditions at our own cost and offer them for free to the needy during camps after thorough eye checks by paramedics.    
We would be highly obliged if you could help and support us in this noble and social cause. We request you to assist us generously in organising collection drive at your office/location so that this message reaches maximum number of people and they get motivated to donate their eyeglasses or spectacles that are no longer in use.

It is our humble request to associate and participate in this noble social cause and help the underprivileged to make a world of difference in their lives.