Vastu Oriented Art Placement for Your Home

The ancient Indian practice of Vastu Shastra is the ultimate guide for people to construct and build a home that is considered holistically and spiritually sound. It is a traditional Hindu and Buddhist system of architecture that is a part of Vastu Vidya. Ancient temples and homes have followed strict Vastu guidelines since the beginning of time. It describes the proper design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement, and spatial geometry that is applied while building a house. Similarly, the type of symbols, images, and paintings that we hang in our homes become equally important in acting as a stimulant in bringing prosperity, and good luck. 

Vastu art for home is an additional factor that helps in creating a good flow of energy in your home. Our modern life brings us face to face with stress many times and when we welcome Vastu art for home interiors, we also welcome a way to detoxify and destress ourselves. Specific Vastu painting for home decoration is considered lucky and their placement in your home and office helps in balancing the negative and positive energy. In this blog, we tell you about eight Vastu art paintings for home, which will bring healing energies into your life. You might want to buy them or already have them in your home, but it’s about learning which direction to keep them in and how to handle them. Read on to understand the ancient practice that has made its way into our modern lives;


  1. Buddha Paintings

Buddha Paintings have a close connection with Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra; they are paintings that are considered a manifestation of the teachings of Lord Buddha and such Vastu artwork for home helps us in attaining calmness and stability in life. The presence of a Buddha Vastu art for home increases the flow of Chi which is considered the energy of life and it is held in high regard. Buddha paintings can be both abstract and traditional (Thangka painting) in nature and these paintings depict various forms of Lord Buddha but its ultimate goal is to help us achieve inner peace as human beings and lead the best life with compassion and kindness.


  1.  Seven Horses

One of the influential Vastu art for home interiors is the seven running horses painting. The role of the 7 horse painting is to balance the energies in your home; they symbolize success, progress, and peace. The meaning behind a running horse painting is not restricted to the galloping creatures and their benefits but it otherwise also carries several hidden meanings and significance; the symbol of the horse is considered to represent endurance, strength, and speed. A white horse signifies power, wisdom, and prosperity and the running horse manifests tremendous energy and momentum. The significance of a running horse as a Vastu painting for home decoration is often related to Feng Shui and Vastu. In Hinduism, a running horse painting is considered auspicious as Lord Surya is depicted riding a chariot with 7 running horses and hence, closely related to godly energies.


  1.  Elephants

Another symbol that is considered highly auspicious in a Vastu artwork for home is the mighty elephant. Elephants are portrayed in different paintings from international artists to Indian paintings like Madhubani and Gond. They symbolize strength, power, wisdom, loyalty, harmony, and nobility. The elephant-headed deity Lord Ganesha itself is the biggest religious factor in worshipping an elephant. As Vastu art for home, the placement of an elephant painting in your north or east corner is the appropriate place.


  1. Flowers 

We all love little flowers around us; it can be in the form of bouquets, floral decorations for special occasions, or simply in the form of perfumes, but why should we limit our love to special occasions and fragrances? Flowers are considered as one of the Vastu art paintings for home; flower paintings in your bedroom bring positivity and a sense of pleasure. A bunch of flowers that look colorful and cheerful is considered auspicious and hence, a perfect Vastu art for home interiors.


  1. Scenery

What we see directly impacts our mind and that’s why symbols and images form an important part of Vastu artwork for home. A beautiful scenery painting is a theme that we spot in almost all homes, not only is it neutral and can be used everywhere but seeing a beautiful sunrise or a colorful landscape can transport you to a completely different world. But be mindful of not putting a painting that is dull and colorless; sceneries that are abstract in nature and convey loneliness should be avoided and kept far away from your home. So consider a scenic landscape Vastu painting for home decoration and place it on your northeast wall.


  1. Deities

Walk into any Indian household and you will definitely spot a religious painting and one of the reasons is that deities are considered closely related to Vastu and rather than placing an entire idol of the deity, people find it convenient to place deity pictures and paintings in different corners of the house. A deity painting used as a Vastu art for home is to be placed carefully because different deities are related to different beliefs; Goddess Durga symbolizes wealth and prosperity, Lord Ganesha is worshipped to remove obstacles, Goddess Saraswati is worshipped for knowledge, literature, music, and art and so on. Each deity has a significance in the lives of people and by making them part of Vastu artwork for home, they bring prosperity and happiness in each way.


  1. Rising Sun

One of the Vastu art paintings for home is the blazing image of a rising sun. Religious or not, in every sphere, the rising sun is considered motivating and radiates positive energy like the sun rays; it symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. On the east wall of a room, which does not get any light in, a landscape painting of a rising sun can be placed to bring in some positivity and uplift the spirits of people. As a Vastu art for home interiors, a rising sun can be a colorful addition to your home and a positive one as well.


  1. Water

One of the five elements of the earth, water is seen in every other painting - either in an abstract way or in its magnificent forms - rains, rivers, sea, and ponds. Water is considered immensely auspicious in Vastu art for home decoration and is related to money, the flow of positive energy, and prosperity. A waterfall painting specifically is considered to affect one’s mindset towards things - as a Vastu art for home, a waterfall painting should be placed inside the home which gives a sense of the never-ending flow of universal abundance. The painting should depict the waterfall coming inside the home and not going out, making it imperative for positive energies to enter the home.

September 14, 2021 — Team Bimba