Unique Wall Art Valentines Gift For Home Decor

It’s that time of the year again! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you might be wondering what kind of gift you should give your significant other, or even your close friends who mean so much to you. We’ve put together some unique wall art that would be perfect not only as a gift on Valentine’s Day but also any day of the year!

Unique Wall Art For Valentines Gift

  1. Abstract Wall Art

If you’re looking for a unique Valentine's day gift, abstract wall art could be a great option. Abstract pieces are more affordable and are more modern than paintings. They allow one to show off their personality in a room without making the space look overly decorated. Go bold with bright colors or stay neutral with whites and greys; these works can match any décor. Your better half can put your gifted abstract wall art anywhere in their beloved home, be it their bedroom, kitchen, or living space.

You might be confused while searching for the best abstract painting/wall art for valentine's day so we have a superb suggestion for you i.e. Lover's Tulip Abstract Painting from the store of the Bimba. It's one such wall art that can invoke romantic feelings instantly between a couple and we know you want the same on this special day!


  1. Floral Wall Art

Does your special someone love flowers? Does he or she like art? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then floral wall art is a great idea. There are lots of designs available, but if you want something that looks more high-end, check out the floral wall art collection at the Bimba. You can get your valentine's favorite floral painting from here and easily create a one-of-kind impression on him or her! For example, if they like white iris or lotus then you can get a floral painting of these flowers for them and you see how they add sentimental value to your gift on the spot!

The floral wall art is the best alternative to real flowers on Valentine's day as they are much more affordable and long-lasting. Wall art can be kept for years but real flowers will die in a day or two. Therefore, floral painting makes for a unique valentine's day gift.

  1. Almond Blossom Wall Art

Every person likes a nicely decorated home and stunning decor items so wall art makes a perfect gift on Valentine's day too. Wall art that invokes a good mood and happy feelings in an individual is a great gift so you can pick Almond Blossom painting by the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. He created this painting on a happy occasion in a joyful mood so nothing can be more apt for this special day for your significant other. The wall art is easily available at the Bimba and the quality is just above your expectations.

  1. Landscape with Stars Wall Art

Another romantic wall art that is simply awesome for Valentine's day is Landscape Art with stars painted by Henri-Edmond Cross. It looks super dramatic and attractive in any space. So they can hang it in their hall, bedroom, or even dining area. From color combination to precise brushstrokes, each detail is really fine! This watercolor painting can be purchased from the Bimba in multiple frames, including black, brown, and golden. You can even get it in unframed form.

  1. Radha Krishna Love Wall Art

Every couple wishes a healthy and long-lasting relationship and you also want the same! Therefore, you can gift your better half a Radha Krishna Painting. The love tales of Lord Krishna and Radha Ji need no introduction and their love is eternal. So, get a wall art depicting their love and devotion for each other and seek his blessings for your relationship to be strong and never-ending! Amazing Radha Krishna wall arts can be found at the Bimba.


These are some simple but beautiful wall art gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. If you have no idea what to give your wife or girlfriend, then we have a good collection of unique and creative valentine’s gifts. You can choose one of them based on his or her taste and preference. Be creative in gift-giving, because it can make your love life much more enjoyable and special!

February 04, 2022 — Team Bimba