Significance of 7 Running Horses Paintings as per Vastu Shastra

Just the way we work out, eat well, indulge in healthy habits to live a healthier and long life, the very same way art is significant in managing our well-being and mental health. Imagine coming back from a long day of tiring work or simply trying to distract yourself from a stressful situation - your comfort cup of coffee, a hug from a loved one, or just lying in your own bed instantly gets rid of a lot of stress. What if a piece of art could be your companion and be the harbinger of positive energies and good luck? Art over the years has become one of the essential elements in leading a good life - and by that, we don’t mean expensive landscape paintings and huge sculptures but small additions in your home decor that are meant to be auspicious and lucky.

  • What is Vaastu Shastra?

The virtues of art are not only colorful but mindful as well. This mindfulness stems from the ancient practice of Vastu- Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian technique, is the ultimate guide for people to create and build a home that is holistically and spiritually sound. It is a classic Hindu and Buddhist architectural system that is a component of Vastu Vidya. Since the dawn of time, ancient temples and dwellings have followed traditional Vastu rules. Vastu art is an added factor that aids in the development of positive energy flow in your home. Given our busy lives, we are confronted with stress, and when we embrace Vastu art for the house, we also welcome a means to cleanse and destress ourselves. And some of the art goodness comes from running horses vastu benefits. Read on to know the benefits of running horses painting;

  • The goodness of seven running horses painting

Gond, Madhubani, and Pichwai paintings are one of the most famous Indian-style paintings that people have grown to love but the magic behind such paintings is the good luck and fortune that they bring along with them. Similarly, the seven running horses painting is another piece of art that acts as the bearer of good energy. The seven running horses artworks are self-explanatory - it is a picture of seven horses running that, when hung in households and workplaces, the benefits of 7 running horses emanate in the form of pleasant energy. The seven running horses painting, like Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui, is a piece of art that represents a variety of beneficial attributes.

The 7 horse painting benefits provide harmony to your home; they represent prosperity, development, and serenity. The benefits of 7 running horses painting are not limited to the galloping beasts and their advantages; it also has numerous hidden meanings and significance; the horse is said to signify endurance, strength, and speed, while the running horses represent enormous energy and velocity. On the other hand, a white horse represents power, wisdom, prosperity, and freedom. Additionally, in numerology, the number 7 is regarded as highly lucky and auspicious. In Hinduism, everything with the number seven is believed to be sacred - chakras, celestial group of stars, ragas, seven rishis (saints), reincarnations, and even the seven pheras (rounds) of a Hindu wedding!  And when all of these qualities are combined, the painting becomes the stimulus for harmonizing the energy in your home. The relationship between colors and the running horse painting is also significant; a blue backdrop represents Saturn, a red background represents Mars, a white background represents the moon, and an orange color represents the sun.

  • The Feng Shui and Vaastu connection

The benefits of seven horse painting are frequently linked to Feng Shui and Vaastu shastra. In Hinduism, an artwork of a running horse is considered lucky because Lord Surya is often depicted riding a chariot drawn by seven running horses, and therefore the painting is associated with divine powers. Similarly, the significance of seven horse painting benefits in Feng Shui is related to a better flow of energy with the representation of eight horses that symbolize children, career, recognition, health, marriage, happiness, education, and personal development. If hung near the entrance, it helps in filling your home with courage and wealth. 

  • Where to place it?

The benefits of running horses painting are meant to bring you great success in your profession, business, and personal life. It also contributes to financial security. If you've been hoping for a promotion at work, the 7 horse painting benefits will shine through and help you materialize your energy even more efficiently. The key to putting all of the pieces together is to arrange them in the proper order. The running horse artwork is said to look best when displayed on a south-facing wall, whether in your home or workplace; it is believed to bring in success and fame. The east or north wall is another option for the 7 running horses artwork. These paintings are known to create energies that boost your spirits and speed up the process of achieving a fulfilling career.

  • What not to do!

Running horses vastu benefits are deemed unfavorable if it is hung in the incorrect direction. Furthermore, a painting that does not depict the whole image of a horse is considered unlucky, as it is the equivalent of cutting off positive energies. Similarly, as much as we relate the image of running horses with that of Lord Surya, it is important to keep in mind that in today’s modern versions, the running horses shouldn’t be held back by ropes or chariots. The image of horses running freely paints a picture of more independent and free emotions.

It is also not acceptable to hang it outside your house, near washrooms, bedrooms, or study areas. Another thing to avoid is hanging a painting that is not clear; contemporary interpretations of the seven horses painting may be visually attractive, but if the painting is not clear, it may fog your energy, therefore a clear image with all seven running horses visible is necessary. The horses' faces are as significant visually - the energies shown in the 7 horse painting are speed and power, but there is a fine line between energy and fury. If the horses' faces suggest rage or violence, this might bring negative energy into your home and devoid you benefits of seven horse painting.

Now that you have mastered the guide to benefits of running horses painting, take a look at our Seven Running Horses collection and enjoy your manifestations come to reality.







September 18, 2021 — Team Bimba