Saving the Earth, One Painting at A Time

At Bimba, we’ve always aimed to make art more accessible to our patrons. We support local artists by selling high quality giclee prints of their artworks and believe that the greatest of art can be found in the smallest of alleyways. But most importantly, as a young brand thriving in an environmentally endangered world, sustainability is on top of our priority list.

We are very particular about our packaging choices as we try to do our bit in reducing carbon footprints. Our packaging is 100% environment friendly, since we use corrugated boxes to pack all our paintings. 

Here’s why we absolutely dig corrugated packaging:

It follows the 3 R’s

Corrugated packaging material is recyclable, reusable and renewable. Since it is mostly made with paper obtained via cartons and newspapers, it can be recycled. The paper pulp with which it is made, comes from wood chips,  timber and pine trees. Hence, it is totally renewable. Its sturdy build enables it to carry a range of weights so it can be reused for a variety of purposes. Once you’re done, it can just be recycled!

It is less harmful than other packaging materials 

Corrugated material is devoid of any bleaches, dyes and other harmful chemicals. This makes it easier to dispose of them in a sustainable manner. Moreover, since 70-90% of its composition includes recyclable materials, it’s a much better option than plastic and wood packaging. Corrugated material definitely beats them by a long shot!

It saves energy

This form of eco-friendly packaging doesn’t require a lot of energy to be made. The benefit of being made with recyclable and locally sourced materials is that it minimizes the role of  transportation. This means lower costs and carbon emissions. 

It prevents waste

Since corrugated packaging material is easy to customize, you can create perfectly sized boxes according to your products. It helps in cutting down wastage of extra packing material. Thanks to accurately sized packages, you can fit more boxes in a single vehicle, thus reducing carbon emissions and helping the planet breathe better!

It is economical

Framed Art requires ample cushioning to prevent any damage during transportation. Several brands achieve this by using thermocol, bubble wrap or foam sheets which are not very sustainable. At The Bimba, we use corrugated sheets to make this protective cushion. This makes it very versatile and customisable, providing a high level of protection at a low cost as compared to other alternatives. 

For us, sustainability is not just a trend. It's a way of life. It generates profit without affecting the planet, so it's a win-win situation for us. cCHere’s hoping more brands adopt a healthier packaging practice so we can make our world a better place to live in!

November 10, 2020 — Team Bimba