Ideas for Decorating your home for the Festive Season

Diwali is right around the corner and we all know the drill - clean the house, buy new clothes, wrap gifts, select your favorite outfits, zero down on your favorite sweet boxes, and the most important - think of home decor ideas for the festivities!

This festive season, we share six home interior design trends that will not only help you to decorate your house for Diwali but to repurpose those trends to use for Christmas and New Year’s as well. These home decor trends are basic, easy to find (read ‘huge online sales’), and with the right placement can make a stunning impact on the look of your house. Read on to discover Diwali house decoration ideas that would save you money for other festivities as well.

  1. Lamps

Diwali is the festival of lights, it is the victory of good over bad and it is only fair to start our list with some glow. Lamps are versatile when it comes to interior design home decor ideas.

You may think how? Lamps come in all shapes and sizes - floor lamps, wall lamps, hanging lamps, antique lamps, Moroccan lamps, table lamps, and even smart LED lamps that obey your orders! Invest in good lamps that will suit the aesthetics of your house - modern or traditional - not only will they be useful to light up your home during festivals but they can be used year-long around your house in your bedrooms, living room, balconies, terrace, and even kitchen. 

  1. Block Print Linens

Home linens can be a great game changer for home decoration ideas. You can light up your home as much as you want but with shabby and dull looking linens, you might end up ruining the look of your beloved abode. One of the living room decor ideas is to play around with traditional Indian block print linens. For Diwali as a festival, such linens add a great traditional touch to your home decor. Throws for your sofa, cushion covers, handloom curtains and cotton bedsheets make your home cozier and  are perfect modern living room ideas

  1. Fairy lights

Another element to light up your home is a staple for Diwali festivities - fairy lights. Also known as tea lights, they are part of every household. Because to use them, you do not need an occasion, and this is exactly why we love them. One of the easiest home interior design trends, tea lights are used during Diwali to deck up our home and once the festive season is over, you can use it throughout the year to liven up your bedroom and your favorite corner. And what’s better when we you can reuse the lights to bedazzle your Christmas tree. Simple yet very efficient, shop for some fairy lights as also one of the home decor ideas living room.

  1. Urli

Moving away from lights and linens, for your living room decor ideas and home decor trends, we have something that is calming and lively. Urlis are large brass pots that are filled with water and often decorated with fresh floating flowers and tea lights. They are used near entrances and in corners to give your house a fresh element. These oversized pots can be decorated according to your tastes since they are available in different materials like ceramic and metal.

  1. Buddha Statue Fountain

Since we are discussing the element of water, one of the other Diwali house decoration ideas is a Buddha water fountain. These are Buddha statues which come with inbuilt water fountains. Once connected to power, you will hear the sweet sound of water falling onto the lap of Lord Buddha. This is another suggestion for sustaining a decor element for the rest of the year. One of the better modern living room ideas, it will create a calming and serene aura in your living room, making it your favorite spot.

  1. Candles and diffusers

Lastly, once you are done decorating your house with lights, flowers and linens, the only thing left is to make it smell good. One of the recent home decor trends, diffusers and scented candles are heavenly additions to any corner of your home. Especially during festivals like Diwali, when the air is filled with thick smoke, you need something to save your nostrils. So as one of the home decoration ideas, buy yourself some soothing  scented candles, tea light diffusers and automatic diffusers that will make your home feel like a walk in the garden.

October 19, 2021 — Team Bimba