Five Fine Art Print Gifts For The Art Lover

The gift of art is truly special as a single picture can express thousands of words. Fine art prints make for excellent gifts for professional artists. It gives them a sense of validation as they aspire to excel in the world of art. It also makes them feel understood as you attempt to dive into their world and pick a gift from their field of work. However, if you’re thinking of how to leave an impression with your gifts for the art lover, here are our top recommendations:

Five Fine Art Print Gifts For The Art Lover

Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings make for brilliant gifts for artists who draw and paint. Landscape art can be serene or bold, as per your preference, and lights up your wall instantly. It becomes a great centerpiece for conversation around the world of art. Beautiful landscape paintings by Paul Gauguin, Henri Rousseau and Vincent Van Gogh are some of the best options in this genre. Each of these artists had a distinct style of painting, thereby creating their own definition of landscape art.


Paul Gauguin Tahitian paintings depicted idyllic landscapes, oceanic iconography and spiritual settings. The bold colours and, sometimes, provocative figurines earned him great critical acclaim. Henri Rousseau excelled in showcasing scenes from the jungle and his famous landscape paintings mostly depicted exotic sceneries. A lot of Vincent Van Gogh paintings were also inspired by nature. He believed that unless an artist spent time in nature, he could never replicate it on a canvas truthfully.


These gifts options for art lover act as a source of inspiration for them. Looking at these fine art prints motivates them to hone their skills and make a mark for themselves like those legendary artists.


Most budding artists experiment with portraits or human figurines at some point in their career. Studying portraits is an integral part of this process as they work on their skills with each sketch and painting. Portraits make for exceptional gifts for professional artists as they embark on a journey to master their art. While we can certainly learn a thing or two from a Van Gogh self portrait, there are several other artists who mastered this genre.


Portraits were an important part of Paul Gauguin art. They are quite fascinating to study as he doesn’t just focus on the human character, but also adds relevant elements in the background to shed light on the subject’s geographical location, social condition and ancestry. Back home, Kalighat paintings are a great study in portraiture too. Not only do they capture the human form with grace, they also immortalize the Babu culture of Kolkata with a satirical undertone.


A fine art print of any portrait makes for excellent luxury gifts for artists. Whether you want something for a housewarming present or a surprise gift, portraits are a great option.


Mythological narratives


If you’re looking for traditional and old school gifts for artists who draw, pick an Indian art form like Pattachitra art. Traditionally used for storytelling and temple rituals, their vivacity and intricate details are hard to ignore. If you look closely at pictures of Pattachitra online, you will notice that most of them include scenes from popular folk tales and Hindu mythology. Each piece of Pattachitra art is designed in service of the Lord. In fact, an entire village in Orissa-Raghurajpur, is dedicated to creating Pattachitra paintings.


Rajasthani painting and Mughal paintings are also known for their lively and detailed depiction of stories from hindu epics and folktales. Classical Indian Paintings can be great luxury gifts for artists with their ornate symbols and sublime hues. The attention to detail is marvelous with translucent dupattas, floral engravings on walls and gorgeous ornaments. These paintings are a beautiful portal to the past, filled with fantastical stories, hope and grandeur. So, the next time you’re searching for gifts options for art lover, make sure to check out Mughal miniature paintings or a Rajasthani miniature painting.


Floral prints



Floral fine art prints have an innate ability to perk up any wall. Flowers have always been a symbol of hope, love and positivity. Perhaps, that is why even today, a bouquet of flowers brings a smile on the face of the recipient. If you’re not sure what to gift an upcoming artist, floral prints always make for safe gifts for the art lover. One look at a floral print and the innermost parts of your soul will be brimming with energy.


Some of the most well known Kamisaka Sekka artworks include flowers in full bloom. But perhaps, one of the most iconic floral prints would be Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflowers series. The artist used three shades of yellow for this Van Gogh artwork. However, this isn’t his only project with flowers. Popular Vincent Van Gogh artworks like Oleanders, Irises, Almond Blossoms and Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase go on to show that flowers were one of his most favourite subjects to work with. Presenting such exquisite floral prints created by legendary artists is sure to be one of the most memorable luxury gifts for artists.


Abstract Painting



Abstract art conveys the artists feelings in a very non-representational and unconventional manner. It is a highly underrated art form that many people pass by, simply because they don’t wish to invest their time and energy into understanding and feeling the piece. That is why, while looking for gifts for artists who draw, this genre of art is a great place to start with. Abstract art paintings are a fantastic way to start up a conversation since they are open to interpretation. There’s always room for more and more analysis as you dig deep into the artists’ consciousness through their art.


These gifts for the art lover are timeless and symbolize the long lasting relationship you have with them. The dynamic shapes and colour of abstract geometric art, in particular, are quite fascinating. H Lyman Sayen paintings are known for his abstract expressionism, especially his masterpiece, Thundershower.


Artworks that support Feng Shui


Feng Shui is an ancient practice that originated in China and is believed to use energy forces for harmonizing people with their surrounding environment. A lot of people believe in this tradition and hence, mark their homes with important and auspicious symbols as per the diktats of Feng Shui. Hence, it’s no surprise that paintings with a Feng Shui connection often end up as gifts options for art lover. These paintings are often inundated with powerful symbols that attract positive vibes to your homes.


Madhubani art is unique with its lack of empty spaces as the smallest of gaps is filled with beautiful geometric patterns or auspicious symbols. Many of these motifs and symbols have a strong Feng Shui significance, as they bring home good luck and prosperity. Peacocks are often found in Madhubani artworks as they symbolize fame and beauty. Similarly, fishes stand for wealth and prosperity, while the tree of life is symbolic of wisdom and growth. No wonder they are some of the most popular gifts options for art lover!

February 08, 2021 — Team Bimba