Choosing the right Landscape Painting for your Home

Landscape paintings for long have been a part of our homes - going back to our childhood, we all remember how large landscape art would adorn the walls of our home, no matter how random the scenery was but having a huge artwork in your home was a matter of prestige. From the ’90s to now, the trends for landscape painting have dramatically changed, introducing a variety of landscape options for art lovers.

They began as artworks that portrayed wide landscapes, mountains, forests, sea coasts, valleys, meadows, and fields. Eventually, they developed into including man-made structures, buildings, monuments, and people. Landscape artwork can arise out of imaginary places or actual places; the portrayal of actual places is known as a topographical view.

Some elements that are considered inherently significant in landscape wall art are a wide view, the sky, weather, and distant figures in the background. The genre of beautiful landscape paintings took some time to gain recognition, but once it did, it became one of the foremost and loved themes for artists to work with.

Today, as you have stumbled upon this blog, we will help you in choosing the perfect landscape painting for your home or office. Read on and we promise you, by the end of this article, you would have chosen the one:

  1. Start with the basics

As a rule of thumb, let your first landscape painting be a neutral choice. Such artworks tend to grab attention and if you are not sure as to which painting to get your hands on, then start with basic landscape art. Buy paintings that depict sceneries - rivers, mountains, fields, sea, sunrise, or countryside fields. This also applies to the size of the painting, it is always safe to start with a small or medium-sized landscape painting to see how it looks on your wall and as you get a sense of different types of landscape paintings, you can dive into the world of endless options and sizes.

 2. Scenery Specific

If you have crossed the beginner’s stage, you can always look for something specific now. Landscape paintings with elements of water, earth, flowers, animals, or even buildings - any of your favorite views can become the perfect landscape art for your home. Landscape paintings by famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Henri-Edmond Cross, and many others also depict various landscapes with famous heritage buildings and tourists spots that you may want to grab!

3. Energy specific

This is for people who know exactly the kind of vibes they are looking for! And well, only good vibes. Picking up landscape paintings for your home which are energy-specific, really narrows down your research to a couple of them. Some artworks are known for their Vaastu benefits like a painting with Seven horses or Buddha paintings are known for attracting luck and charm when placed in your home and office spaces. Apart from that Pichwai, Madhubani, and Gond Paintings are also known for their symbolism which creates a sense of great aura in your personal space.

4. Abstract Landscape Art

Confused? Just pick up an abstract landscape art. Abstract art paintings are made with the use of lines, shapes, and asymmetrical-looking figures; often artists have some intention behind it but it may appear as confusing or puzzling to the viewer as it doesn’t convey any message directly. Its purpose is not to depict definite figures of humans, objects, or places but to freely express an emotion or convey a message through colors and non-defined shapes. They are mostly colorful and an easy fix for dull corners as well. Imagine a large, colorful landscape painting sitting in the middle of your living room wall, it is meant to be the masterpiece!

5. Two is better than one!

Lastly, we end with a secret tip, just for you - that two is always better than one! Landscape paintings don’t have to necessarily be a single piece of art, it can also be in pairs or in sets of three. Our Landscape painting collection offers you a wide variety of artwork but amongst them are sets of two artworks that complement each other. Sets of two paintings allow for you to experiment with your home decor as much as you want to. You can hang them together, giving your room a break from the mundane look or you can hang it separately in different rooms, manifesting your landscape art wish to all directions.


January 05, 2022 — Team Bimba