Best & Stunning Stairway Decor Ideas for Every Style

From the beginning of time, humans have known that their humble abodes are the safest place to be — to be loved, cherished, and nurtured. In the very same way, we have also learned to give back the love to our homes by keeping them clean, neat, and decorating them the way they deserved to be and this has been done regardless of our social status, our beliefs, and the size of our homes. From lighting a small candle every evening at your favorite corner to buying your favorite furniture – we have done it all.

Rooms are the first thing that we focus on – your living room, bedroom, bathroom, guest room, or reading room. At the end of it all, your décor ideas are reflected through your rooms but if you’re someone who is blessed with a duplex house and has a flight of stairs in your house then this article is for you. Staircase wall painting ideas or creative staircase wall decorating ideas can certainly be confusing and put you in a spot; it’s easier to think about room décor than décor for staircase ideas near entrance. Today, let us help you out in planning your home décor and specifically, your staircase which can often be the most neglected space. So here are a few staircase wall painting ideas for your cozy home.


Best & Stunning Stairway Decor Ideas for Every Style


  1. Pattachitra your way to the first floor

Let us start off with some magnificent artwork for your stairs – when considering decorating ideas for stairs and hallways you’d find a way to tell your viewer a story and Pattachitra paintings are known for their grandeur and storytelling art. Original Pattachitra paintings are done on a canvas that is specially made by using cotton sarees and tamarind paste and are primitively used for the worship of Lord Jagannath. Since Pattachitra paintings can take up to months to make, they are considered very precious. Hence, we have a great alternative for you! Invest yourself in these framed Pattachitra prints which will be easy on your pocket and a great staircase wall painting idea. For staircase ideas near entrance, consider putting a Ramayana Pattachitra, which beautifully depicts the entire Ramayana within one framed painting or a horizontally done pattachitra painting that narrates the life journey of Lord Krishna or Lord Ganesha. One would be immersed in the beauty of these intricate pattachitra paintings while using the staircase and it might just turn into your favorite spot!

  1. Abstract is the way

If you’re someone who wants to indulge in colors and make your staircase look attractive and colorful then one of the better creative staircase wall decorating ideas is to indulge in abstract art. Abstract art can be confusing for many but it adds a modern touch to your house; when we whiz past our staircase we don’t tend to stop and admire the artwork on staircases and for such cases, abstract art is the best. It’s up to one’s imagination to interpret what the painting is about and it usually complements the overall look of your staircase. So, for decorating ideas for stairs and hallways, don’t look further and line up a few abstract pieces for your lovely staircase.

  1. Mirror and lights – a love story

When thinking about staircase wall art design from outside, you always tend to lean towards artworks but, always look around you and consider turning mundane things into something interesting just by adding some dazzling lights to them. A combination of contemporary framed mirrors or vintage art mirrors with some basic lights or lamps can make your staircase look like a dream. With all the light that your pretty mirrors will be reflecting, you’re going to stop and stare at yourself a lot. So for creative staircase wall decorating ideas, we suggest mirrors and paintings and a perfect selfie spot for yourself.

  1. Family photo montage

Every house has framed family photos that adorn several rooms – they reflect the love you have for your family and also add a personal touch to your home décor. But for staircase ideas near entrance, have you ever considered a family photo montage? A monochromatic family photo montage or a colorful one, either style will make for a lovely decor idea for your staircase wall. It will give a peek into your family and tell your life story for your guests to adore. Personalize creative staircase wall decorating ideas through your loved ones!

  1. The one and only

Do you believe in minimalism and making a statement by decorating your house with stunning artifacts? Then this point is for you – staircase wall painting ideas can be tempting and hence, can also throw you off given the number of options available today in the market. By putting a single large painting that awes one, is a minimalistic and elegant idea for your stairway. When thinking about decorating ideas for stairs and hallways, take a look at the Classical Indian Art collection or the magical Starry Nights by Vincent Van Gogh. An XL-sized painting from either of the collection will steal the show and make your staircase a standing gallery!

  1. Modern artwork theme

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to work with a family photo montage idea then we suggest you a running theme for your staircase. Modern artworks from genius artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Rousseau, Paul Gauguin, Edward Munch, and Georges Seurat are the perfect artworks for staircase wall painting ideas. A couple of artworks from all these artists, from the first stair to the last and each step of your staircase will turn into an intriguing and heavenly journey for any art lover.

  1. Traditional artwork theme

Not a fan of modern artworks? Well don’t worry, we have another option for you! Traditional Indian artworks are a jewel for your homes and imagine having beautiful Indian themed paintings that adorn your stairway. For one of the next staircase ideas near entrance, we suggest you a treat for your eyes in the form of paintings from different parts of India – Madhubani paintings, Kalighat paintings, Pichwai paintings, Pattachitra paintings, Mughal paintings, Rajasthani paintings, and Gond paintings. Not one but more than six options for you to pick from. We just made decorating ideas for stairs and hallways very interesting for you with a touch of authentic Indian paintings!

  1. Best of both the worlds

Have we indefinitely confused you with too many staircase wall painting ideas? Then do not worry, the solution is with us, too. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of having to choose the perfect art for your staircase wall art design from outside then don’t shy away from combining both themes. Art doesn’t have to defined by themes but by the way you showcase them – with love, care, and pride. A gleaming stairway full of modern and traditional artwork is the perfect way for you to fulfill all your artsy wishes. So let your inner child loose and decorate your stairway in any way you like because, at the end of the day, it’s your home and your stairway to heaven.

February 18, 2021 — Team Bimba