Best Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Light Up the Room

Bedrooms are our safe haven; we spend the most amount of time with ourselves in here — we dream and dread in here and we let it reflect our personalities. Wall art for bedroom is one of the first things we consider when thinking about decorating our bedroom; we try to put as many ideas to work as we can because every single day, we wish to wake up to something that makes us feel happy, loved, and serene. The process of contemplation leads you to umpteen number of ideas, from cheap decorating ideas for bedroom wall to homemade wall decoration ideas for bedroom, and at the end of the day, it is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with our creative ideas. If you ever feel you’re running out of ideas for wall decor for bedroom above bed then take a look at our long list of ideas for your bedroom wall decor which will light up the room like a Christmas tree!

Best Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas to Light Up the Room


  1. Let your light shine bright!

Lighting in your bedrooms makes for a huge difference in the overall ambiance and your mood. Be it expensive eccentric lights or small tea lights hung on your wall, it drastically changes the look of the room and does a good job of putting a smile on your face too. String lights are one of the perfect cheap decorating ideas for bedrooms walls because it easily complements everything in your room — the color of your walls, your furniture, photographs, showpieces, paintings, and even your precious artworks. You can use them any way you like — hang them alone or let them be a lovely companion to your wall art for bedroom.


  1. Framed artworks for all your moods

Wall art for bedroom comes in a number of varieties and one of the most loved forms is in the shape of paintings. While we love them and they bring a twinkle in one’s eyes, they can be very expensive. So, we have the perfect alternative for you which is one of the cheap decorating ideas for bedroom wall. The Bimba offers you premium framed artwork prints that look exactly like paintings (your guests won’t be able to tell the difference)! Take your pick — from the traditional Indian art of Gond paintings, Madhubani paintings, Classical Indian Art paintings, Kalighat paintings, Pichwai paintings, Pattachitra paintings, or some modern artworks by artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Kamisaka Sekka, Henri Rousseau, and many others. These print works are suited for all your moods which will instantly enhance the look of your room. Not only do they radiate the artistry coming from diverse backgrounds but also evoke different moods which will be handpicked by you!

  1. Eye-catching wallpapers

If you’re confused about placing artwork in your room, try and experiment with wallpapers that will make for a great running theme around your house. With minimalist artworks and a great pattern that adorns your wall, you may strike the perfect balance between wall art for bedroom and your aesthetics which reflect your personality. By using wallpaper with a recurring pattern it will help you in highlighting other things in your bedroom which can be in the form of lights, furniture, artwork, or simply your bed.

  1. Posters

At some point in our lives, we have treated ourselves to the things we love — movies, travelling, food, music, and many other things, and the things we love, are the things we like to see around us. When you think about homemade wall decoration ideas for bedroom, you don’t have to restrict yourself to DIY ideas. Pick up small posters of the things you love and get your creative sleeve on by making a collage of the posters on your wall. The becoming of your collage becomes the perfect wall decor for bedroom above bed. Now look forward to waking up to the things you love!

  1. Go 3D

Wall art for bedroom necessarily doesn’t always have to be 2D in nature; if you’re someone who would like to add some dimension and spunk to your room then go ahead and divulge in 3D artworks which can be in the form of wall mounting sculptures, faux deer horns, or even small artifacts! 3D sculptures and artworks are perfect for wall decor for bedroom above bed that makes your bedroom look glorious and magnificent.

  1. Get your hands dirty and paint some walls

Sometimes, something as simple as the walls of your bedroom can change the character of your room. The next homemade wall decoration ideas for bedroom is to have some fun with colors and also giving yourself an activity to do. Think about what would suit your walls and the kind of paint you need. Then pick the color that you would like to decorate your walls with and get ready with your tools and brushes and paint your walls the way you like - keep it plain and simple or get creative and make patterns as you like. Make wall art for bedroom fun! 

  1. Personalize it with pictures of your loved ones

If you’re thinking about cheap decorating ideas for bedroom walls then it can be as easy as collecting framed photos of your loved ones and placing them in an aesthetically pleasing manner on your bedroom walls. Because when it comes to wall art for bedroom, it can be as personal as the reflection of your loved ones and as creative as purchased paintings.

  1. A souvenir wall (for all you travel enthusiasts and collectors)

If you’re someone who loves to travel or is a fanatic of collecting things then what better way to show off your love for the things you’re ambitious for than having it proudly placed on the walls of your bedroom? One way of setting up wall decor for bedroom above bed is to display the souvenirs you have collected while travelling or anything that you have been collecting for a long time — it can be in the form of postcards, showpieces, wall hangings, etc. 

  1. A wall full of art

If you’re an art enthusiast, imagine having to decorate the walls of your room with classical paintings like Gond painting, Madhubani painting, Mughal painting, or beautiful Pattachitras. You could make a collage out of different sized paintings or simply put a large statement piece — any way you could use wall art for bedroom to turn your bedroom into a pleasant space with a view worth a million bucks! Take a look at our priceless collection of paintings here.

  1. Mirror mirror on the wall

Thinking about wall decor for bedroom above bed? Then treat yourself to the idea of having a wall decorated with beautiful mirrors. Mirrors nowadays come in all forms and shapes and their purpose has extended from being a utility to a piece of art. Mirrors act as great wall art for bedroom — they make your room look lavish and make your room lights dazzle. So, now not only can you admire yourself in the mirror but catch yourself admiring the mirror itself!

February 23, 2021 — Team Bimba