Attract Luck and Prosperity by decorating your walls with Buddha Paintings

Modern problems require modern solutions, and one of the major problems in our contemporary lifestyle is stress. A good diet and regular exercise can sometimes be the answer to all your problems but the distress caused by our professional and personal lives can’t be fixed by better physical health but through a peaceful atmosphere that provides mental stability.

Our fix for a stress-filled life is the benefits of Buddha painting. The benefits of Buddha Art at home, range from Vastu-filled profits to an aesthetically looking home that provides you a sense of instant relief. In this blog, we will share all the tips with you to acquire the best possible Buddha painting Vastu benefits. From types of Buddha paintings to the proper direction for placement of these artworks, we’ll tell you all. Read on and don’t forget to check out our Buddha collection - a beautiful mix of traditional and modern Buddha paintings.

What are Buddha Paintings?

Before hopping onto using the word ‘Buddha paintings’ it is essential to know what the original Buddha paintings were known as. Historically, original Buddha paintings have been known as the Thangka paintings.  The earliest Buddhist paintings can be found in the famed Ajanta Caves of Aurangabad, India. These were extensively done wall paintings and parallelly, Tibetan Buddhist wall paintings were being developed in the monasteries. 

A Thangka buddha painting is geometrical, with systematic shapes and decorations created on grids. They are frameless and handmade on a cotton or silk appliqué with organic colours. They're rolled up like Chinese scroll paintings when they're not on exhibit. Although most Thangka paintings are modest, others are produced larger than life to be placed on monastery walls. The Thangka Buddha canvas artwork is frequently associated with meditation and is also utilized for religious celebrations.

The representation of historical events in the Gautam Buddha artwork becomes an important tool for teaching Buddhism to pupils. As the artwork has grown in popularity, it is now accessible in a variety of styles and materials. Hence, the Buddha painting benefits for home go way back. 

Why Buddha Paintings?

One of the benefits of Buddha painting for home, is that it timely reminds us of how Lord Buddha attained nirvana by disregarding worldly comforts. The close association of Lord Buddha paintings with Vaastu is one of the biggest reasons why Buddha painting benefits should be considered over any other artwork. Buddha art has evolved into a contemporary work of art, with Lord Buddha being shown in various positions in an abstract style.

This accomplishes the goal of selling art while also preserving the sanctity of a Lord Buddha artwork. A Buddha canvas painting, whether it's a conventional Thangka or not, is directly linked to Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra. Placing Buddha wall art in your home or business is thought to bring wealth, good fortune, and a sense of tranquilly to everyone who see it. It stimulates the flow of Chi, which is regarded as life's energy. As a result, Buddha painting Vastu benefits are always valued.

 How to place Buddha Paintings?

In all totality, we have seen not one but many forms of Lord Buddha - paintings, prints, statues, busts, waterfall statues, and even planted pots. He is omnipresent and extremely popular making Buddha painting Vastu benefits easier to approach. The most popular form of Lord Buddha is one where he can be seen meditating, often surrounded by his disciples and other forms of events depicted throughout his life.

This kind of depiction is famously found in Thangka paintings. The other famous posture is where he can be seen raising his one hand. Such artworks are known for keeping away negative energy where the raised hand of Lord Buddha protects us. The reclining Buddha depicts a few of the last moments of Buddha’s mortal life before he attained nirvana.

The proper placement of a Buddha artwork is very essential in activating Vaastu and

benefits of Buddha painting. A Buddha artwork with a raised hand needs to be placed facing the entrance of the house, while the reclining Buddha painting can be placed facing the West direction and a meditating Buddha should always be placed in a quiet corner or pooja room. The most versatile are Buddha busts which can be placed according to your wish - balconies, gardens, living room, study room but bathrooms and laundry rooms are to be avoided.

Now that you are well versed with this artform, it is time for you to utilise Buddha paintings benefits for home!

December 31, 2021 — Team Bimba