The world of art has always been one that changes over time and reflects the latest cultural trends, and the next decade will not be any different in this regard. In fact, we can already predict some of the future art trends that might become popular as we move into 2022. If you’re an artist or creator looking to stay ahead of the curve, check out these 6 art trends in 2022 that are likely to shake up the world of art as we know it!



Many of you may already know about the previous year’s furniture trend i.e. Curvalicious furniture. According to Liepman, this trend is going to exist this year too. Therefore, you can welcome those softer edges into your wall art to achieve a fine and complementary appeal. He added that curvy art looks easy and feminine due to which it can immediately make any space feel safe and calm. Apart from this, there is a lot of room for color experimentation as such art pieces work really well with bold and big designs.


As more and more people are working from their homes at this time, Tamu Green, Lux Pad Interiors’ Principal designer, says she predicts that art that is usually applied in hospitality and commercial spaces will mark its way into homes and residential areas. She highlights the neon signs and art pieces. Such neon artworks are highly accessible to all and even allow for customizations. Plus, she said that these neon signs take no time to create a museaum-like feel in any space. Lastly, she suggested using just one color for the maximum effect!

The CEO and founder of DROOL Art, Alex Liepman, also forsees the emergence of neon artwork as one of the main trends in 2022. He highlights the fact that neon signage is the best wall art element that can balance the look and feel of any room without being harsh to the vision. So, neon art is the next thing you should look forward this year! 


Alex Liepman says that people are appreciating nature and outdoor beauty a lot due to what all happened in the last 2 years. The pandemic has made everyone realize the importance of nature and surroundings so this can be a new art trend now. According to him, the blue color is all ready to mark its way to homes for decoration purposes. The shades of sky and water blue can instantly give a soothing appeal to the room. Additionally, he suggested combining light blue colors with some dark tones of green for a cohesive feel!

Following this art trend, you can use hanging flowers, and plant wallpapers, and landscape paintings in the room.


As per Green, art that is globally influenced in the residential spaces is ready to mark its way in 2022. Giving your walls a little global touch can be as easy as hanging your travel photographs. You can even use textural elements such as woven baskets for a more global impact. She also emphasized the importance of authenticity and suggested sourcing cultural art elements from your place of origin.

On the other hand, Green also said that your imagination is only the limit to adding your cultural objects to the walls. So, don’t be afraid to try and test different looks in your room. Keep experimenting until you are content with the interior look!


Maximalism may be in trend with interior decoration in general, but according to Maggie Holladay, the Claude Home’s Founder, predicts its less involvement in the art industry lately. The public wants investment art pieces that are long-lasting and beautiful enough to complement their current décor. Rather, she sees minimalism on the dominating side, which involves only one art piece in the room making all the impact and statement!


There is no surprise to the fact that people want joyful art pieces in 2022. Greenberg said that she is seeing an enhanced focus on inspiring quotes & large graphic letters that people can use to express their emotions and feelings.

So, you can use motivational wall arts this year in your bedroom, living space, or even kitchen to keep yourself uplifted and happy throughout the day! 


So, these are the main art design trends for 2022. These trends are something that go with all tastes and preferences due to which every person can achieve a desired artistic effect in their homes and offices without compromising on the industry trends!

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February 09, 2022 — Team Bimba