Affordable Modern Indian Art Paintings for Home Decoration

Our homes are a reflection of our personalities – we take care of them, adore them, and bedeck it to our hearts’ contents. In today’s urban Indian households, one can always find decorative work of art in all forms, sculptures, paintings, posters, wall hangings, extravagant lights, vintage furniture, and even fancy floorings! But modern artwork has been the most loved and desired form of art that has also become an affordable art for home.

When we talk about affordable art for home interiors, people scratch their heads because artwork, in general, has been extremely expensive for every household to obtain. We all have spotted a larger-than-life painting hanging behind glass panes of luxurious galleries which also have a staggering price tag to them, hence, modern artwork and paintings have always been considered a distant dream for some people. But today, not only can these artworks adorn our homes but also won’t burn a hole in our pocket. How? You’d wonder – Through art online! Artworks have evolved into prints, digital art, and media works, and even sit as cushion covers on our sofas. Original painting for home decorations has been a distant hope for many art lovers given its expensive nature but we bring you several paintings in the form of premium framed artwork prints that double up as affordable art paintings for home and make each and every corner of your home elegant and alluring!

Affordable Modern Indian Art Paintings for Home Decoration

  1. An Amicable Hostess

We love to host guests and make sure they leave our homes with full hearts and stomachs, so let us introduce you to the perfect hostess for your guests! A favorite from the Classical Indian Art collection this painting depicts an elegant side portrait of a lady who is dressed in a green transparent dupatta while pouring wine from a duck-shaped decanter into a cup. Titled as ‘An Amicable Hostess’, this painting is the perfect modern artwork for a warm welcome for your guests. Be it your office or your home, this artwork print is a splendid affordable painting for home decoration and an apt representation of the grandeur that Mughal paintings hold.

  1. Elephants Madhubani Painting

When you think of affordable art for home, you not only consider bringing aesthetics to your house but also good luck and fortune. The Bimba has the perfect artwork for you in the form of a Madhubani painting; Madhubani paintings are vivid, colorful, and extremely auspicious. This painting depicts a family of elephants surrounded by the elements of nature, flora, and fauna like fishes, seen seamlessly blended in the borders, and budding lotuses. Elephants, in Madhubani art, are considered the symbol of nobility, strength, and power, while fishes are a sign of fertility. This painting will make a wonderful affordable art for home interiors and also radiate positivity as they share common features with the Japanese concept of Feng Shui Art.


  1. The Legend of Ramayana

With growing urban households, we also tend to move towards a futuristic and modern look for our homes but at the same time, we never tend to let go of our Indian roots. No matter the size of someone’s house, one can always find the presence of holy gods and goddesses in the form of idols and pictures. But today, modern artworks have made it easier to combine beliefs and home décor easily. We all have grown up listening to the legend of Ramayana and what better way to convey it through visuals and breath-taking art? This pattachitra painting titled ‘The Legend of Ramayana’ is a classic example of infusing traditional art with modern visuals – the perfect painting for home decoration!


  1. Peacock Gond Painting

If the above affordable painting for home decoration tempted you, then let us show you another painting that is equally related to sacred beliefs and good luck – the world of Gond paintings. This beautiful Gond painting of a peacock is the perfect modern artwork to add a pop of color in the corners of your home or to magnificently sit in the center of your hall. Gond paintings are traditionally done by the Gondi people from the Gond tribe and hence, are a valuable artifact. But this exquisitely framed art print of the painting is not only affordable art for home interiors but also a sign of good luck as Gond paintings have a sacred relationship with nature which is profoundly reflected in these elements.


  1. Jungle Scene

If you’re an animal lover and an art lover then we have the perfect painting for home decoration for you to show off your love. Decorate the walls of your home with this colorful Kalighat painting which depicts several animals in a single frame. Kalighat paintings are known for their peculiar themes which are religious and contemporary in nature as well. The use of bold strokes and vibrant colors will be a lovely addition to your home décor which would be an apt representation of modern artwork.


  1. Shrinath Ji Pichwai

For centuries, we have used the idols of our favorite deity to worship them, a tradition that has stuck to our roots to date. But with modern artwork being so diverse in nature, it has encompassed our needs and easily put our beliefs and customs in our hands! Pichwai paintings are traditionally used as paintings that are hung behind the idol of Lord Krishna. This painting depicts Shrinath ji, the seven-year-old manifestation of Lord Krishna, surrounded by the holy symbol of cows – a painting which justifies the glory and magnificence of Lord Krishna and shines through in golden tones. So take a look at this affordable art painting for home which is not only suitable for your décor but also for the sanctum sanctorum of your home temple.

  1. Lotus Pichwai and Mughal Floral Painting

Be it any occasion, we love decorating our homes with flowers, then why should we limit our love to special occassions? These floral painting for home decoration adds a sense of elegance and artistry which would enhance the look of any and every corner of your house! Lately, modern artwork has also been about minimalism – paintings that are less crowded and look aesthetically pleasing are favorite amongst people. So, we bring you not one but two different floral themed paintings which come from two different styles of painting schools that show that there’s beauty in diversity. The Lotus Pichwai painting is a canvas that is simple and yet eye-catching; a holy symbol related to Lord Krishna, it portrays grandeur and grace at the same time. While on the other hand, the Mughal Floral painting is a representation of classical Indian art and its love for floral subjects. Both the paintings do justice to the beauty of flowers and the best part is that both are affordable art painting for home!


  1. Mandala Madhubani

Mandala themed backgrounds in bedrooms have always been a hit amongst youngsters but with this Mandala Madhubani painting, you can add zest and artistic feels to not only your bedroom but any quiet corner of your home as well. Affordable art for home interiors come in various forms and this mandala painting is the perfect gift for an art lover for their cozy spaces! Mandalas are mostly geometric in form and are used for meditation and gracing the space with spirituality and cosmic traditions.


February 05, 2021 — Team Bimba