A Budget-Friendly Guide to Starting Your Own Art Collection

Being an art lover means you open up a world of opportunities for yourself - from being able to witness priceless artforms to be able to start and build an art collection of your own. So you could be collecting art for yourself or for someone else but knowing how to build an art collection is imperative. In this blog, we tell you 8 ways to start your art collection and how to sustain it for the long run.

Given the options of artworks that are available to us in the market can be a little intimidating; you might set your eyes on one painting but the very next moment you might like the other, so what do you do? Read on to uncomplicate the process of owning an art collection: 

  • Read up
  • First things first, read up! One of the best techniques to start your art collection is to actually read up about it, not only the process but also about the types of paintings that are available in the market. To start and build an art collection is a process that is tiresome and requires your time, money, and attention.

    Blindly buying art can sometimes make your collection look odd, hence know what your taste is and read about the various types of paintings that exist and about the artists that create such paintings. A beginners tip is to go for one of the two options — either you can have an art collection of a similar type of painting or have a mix of all, either way, you should always know the significance behind your collection before bringing it into a gallery or your home space.

    So for ideas to start your art collection, your number one priority is to sift through some books, magazines, and to ask for some help from your best friend, Google!

  • Start slow
  • Once you have ample knowledge of how this process is going to be, you might feel the need to jump in and buy everything! But collecting fine art is a process that takes time and patience; an essential tip from how to start collecting fine art is to start slow and to gradually build your collection.

    The best way to build your collection is to keep a tab on your purchases and plan it out for a certain time period. When you start and build and an art collection, you don’t have to necessarily opt for large-scale canvases; they can be small or medium-sized paintings that can create a foundation for your future purchases. 

    A great way to start is to opt for one of the six sizes that The Bimba offers you - sizes that are carefully crafted keeping in mind all kinds of spaces, be it home or your gallery. 

  • Know your preferences
  • Taking inspiration from a gallery that you recently visited, a friend’s collection that you laid your eyes on, or a family member’s hobby that you found fascinating, can be one of the helpful ways to start your art collection, but beginning your art collection by buying a painting of someone else’s likes takes away the uniqueness of your collection.

    While reading up about how to start collecting fine art, you may come across paintings of different styles and types and that is exactly where you must begin your collection  - by getting a painting that you like and prefer. To make it easier for you, let us list out the types of Indian and Western paintings that you might be interested in.

    Take a look at Pichwai Painting, Madhubani Painting, Gond Painting, Pattachitra Painting, Classical Indian Art Painting, Kalighat Painting, Vincent Van Gogh Painting, Kamisaka Sekka Painting, Paul Gauguin Painting, Abstract Art Painting, Floral Painting, and many more! Get your first painting here.

  • Make your connections 
  • Socializing is a great way to expand your knowledge about artwork and procure paintings; when we tell you tips to start your art collection,  then socializing through online platforms, visiting art galleries and art shows helps to get a perspective.

    This is one of the techniques to start your art collection,  and visiting art galleries when the time is apt, connecting with the artist, and understanding what goes into putting together a collection and what all goes behind the making of a painting is a time investment that you would want to make.

  • Take care of your collection
  • Once you figure out how to build an art collection and gradually start collecting paintings, the next step is to make sure that it is well-taken care of. Ensuring premium-grade framing and the authenticity of a painting helps in making the painting last longer.

    While cleaning your paintings is the easiest way to take care of them, the other is to make sure to not expose them to extreme conditions of heat, cold, or moisture which can damage your collection.

    So, even if you have learned all the tricks to start your art collection,  you must also consider the care that needs to go into the upkeep of it. Another tip is to properly handle your artwork and find an appropriate space for its storage, whether, in your house, office, or godown, you must store it carefully. 

  • Know your budget
  • While expanding your art collection, make sure you don’t end up emptying your pockets; collecting art can be financially draining if you don’t figure out the best way to collect art. Original art can be a little uneconomical to collect as it is expensive but you can always opt for prints that look exactly like paintings and that’s one way to start and build your art collection.

    If you’re an art enthusiast and are looking for an alternative to original paintings then have a look at these Indian and Western artwork prints which are not only pocket friendly but also premium and long-lasting. 

  • Not just paintings
  • If you’re thinking that all the points that we have mentioned about the ideas to start your art collection are about paintings, then let us correct you - it’s about everything and anything. People who passionately collect objects and then organize them are often called ‘completists’ or ‘completionists’; your passion for collecting objects could be simply organizing collectibles or it could be random objects, but it doesn’t have to be limited to paintings when it comes to artwork.

    To start and build an art collection, you can collect anything - paintings, artwork prints, posters, sculptures, wall hangings, or photographs and very well be a completist. 

  • Give it all the love and attention it deserves!
  • Lastly, give your precious art collection the love and care it deserves; you may have started from the bottom but your budget-friendly art collection could inspire many others.

    Putting your collection on social media platforms, connecting to artists and art enthusiasts, or simply being a good host to guests can amplify the love and time you have put into your collection. We told you 8 ways to start your art collection, now it’s your turn to tick off the checklist!

    May 20, 2021 — Team Bimba