8 Vintage Home Decor Ideas For Every Mood

Rustic-looking wooden furniture, gold and silver color bordered cutlery, vintage posters, and photo frames from the 80s — each and everything reminds us of a warm afternoon from our childhood, which has very much become vintage now. Vintage home decor is a favorite amongst people — it takes us back to the good old days and makes our house, a ‘home’.

In the times of fancy marble flooring, glass windows, and sophisticated interiors, the charm of vintage home decor stands apart. Today, we’ll give you all the ideas, from vintage room decor ideas to vintage decor ideas for weddings,  no idea will be left untouched. Read on to know how you can live up to the famous saying ‘Old is Gold’! 

  • Wallpaper from the past
  • We all love things that have a floral touch to them and a good floral wallpaper is one of the best vintage room decor ideas. Back in the 80s and 90s, the recurring floral pattern was very famous amongst people for doing their walls and it was used elsewhere as well, from curtains, linens, clothes to cutlery.

    Contemporary home decor is all about minimalism that has a modern touch to it but the beauty of vintage wallpapers is that they are clean, uncomplicated and add a very cozy touch to your house. For vintage retro decorating ideas, pick up a rosy and plain wallpaper that will add a nostalgic touch to your bedroom, living room, and even kitchen.

  • Vintage Kitchenware
  • How many times have we all been shouted at by our mothers for breaking her precious collection of dining sets? All the time! This should tell you that the next point is about vintage decor ideas for kitchen and why it is absolutely necessary to have some vintage-styled kitchenware in your kitchen.

    The trend of having a classy collection of cutlery, dining sets, tea sets, utensils, cookware, and kitchen apparel in our kitchens has become a necessity - it speaks about your personality and your tastes, so why not own some precious vintage kitchen tools that will complete your vintage home decor dreams and will be the perfect companion for your evening tea session!

  • Posters
  • There’s nothing that shouts ‘vintage’ out loud more than vintage posters; vintage wall decor ideas are the easiest way to add vintage elements to your home decor journey. Framed posters of old movies, advertisements, music bands, and our favorite yesteryear actors are the best subjects that will do your vintage retro decorating ideas justice.

    A collage of old vintage posters on your bedroom wall, study room, living room, and even your bathroom will add a nice and rustic touch to your rooms and give it a personality of its own. So make your rooms into a museum that’s worth everyone’s time. 

  • Vintage furniture
  • And we have landed on one of the most loved vintage home decor ideas — furniture! Adulting is a tough nut to crack but you know you have grown up when you end up shopping for furniture. In that very quest of ours in finding the right furniture for our homes, our eyes always get stuck on furniture that is vintage in nature or that loved piece of furniture that has been passed onto you from your family.

    Think of beautiful vintage-looking chests, chairs, coffee tables, sofas, and the classic four-poster bed for all your dreamy nights; a piece of vintage furniture can change the entire look of your room. When you sift through vintage decor online, there will always be a suggestion that lands you on the most perfect, aesthetical-looking furniture. Remember, there is nothing that can go wrong with vintage furniture, so shop to your heart’s contents!

  • Vintage collection
  • Collectibles are something that completes the idea of vintage home decor. Remember when our grandparents used to collect the most precious post stamps, rare coins and notes, bottle caps, books, and vinyl records? As kids, we were always intrigued by them, and even now, we sure as hell love the idea of it.

    Collecting objects is a heartwarming process, it reminds you of all your favorite memories, just like vintage things. So for vintage retro decorating ideas, proudly show off the collection of your most favorite thing from the past and give a little sneak peek to the guests of your favorite childhood memory!

  • Vintage photo frames
  • Photographs from your childhood are the best things to reminisce about the past; it’s a warm and hearty reminder of the good old days and we keep these photographs the closest to our hearts. Search for vintage decor online and one of the ideas that will pop up will be vintage photo frames — they are woody, sometimes colored in pastel colors, or the classic golden color with designs that will make your old photographs look homely and grand at the same time.

    Not only this becomes a perfect vintage room decor ideas but also vintage decor ideas for kitchen as well. 

  • Vintage Clock and lamps
  • Don’t we all love the classic station wall clock or the one which has a pendulum that keeps us in a spell or the evergreen grandfather clock that reminds us every hour of the time? A vintage clock on your walls is the perfect addition to your vintage home decor ideas — it does not take up a lot of additional space, adds some dimension to a flat place, and gives your home a touch of Harry Potter!

    Apart from the clock, you can also eye on lamps which are the perfect addition to your vintage home decor; brass and metallic lamps were a must in every Indian household, we don’t see a lamp in each house every day so its time to bring back your favorite evening memories that you have spent sitting next to the oil lit lamp. Today, you get lamps in all shapes and sizes but opting for a classic vintage lamp will add some light to your cozy home.

  • Combine all for a gala vintage party 
  • Lastly, we tell you the perfect theme for your next party or the upcoming wedding in your house — go vintage! Vintage decor ideas for weddings and vintage decor ideas for party can be extremely fun to plan. For a party, you could completely change the vibe by keeping the dress code as vintage, it could be your favorite cartoon character that used to air on TV or it could be your favorite character from a movie that you loved as a kid, Additionally, a vintage music playlist is a perfect thread to tie it all together.

    For vintage ideas for weddings, opt for pastel-colored lamps, dried flower bouquets at each of your tables, tea lights hanging above your venue, lots of wooden and antique showpieces spread around, and of course vintage-looking food stalls that will make your guests feel at home. 

    May 19, 2021 — Team Bimba