5 Professional Tips for Choosing Artwork for Your Home

‘What would be the perfect centerpiece for my hall?’, ‘What would suit the corner of my reading room?’, ‘What direction should I put a particular artifact in?’, ‘What size should I pick for a painting for my bedroom?’ and a hundred other questions that put you in a terrible dilemma while thinking about modern artwork for home. You might be moving into a new place or revamping an already existing space, be it any ways to bring art for home, it is very important to consider a few things before getting your hands on painting for home decoration. Today, we will tell you five professional tips for choosing artwork for your home which will help you efficiently organize and plan your precious purchases.

5 Professional Tips for Choosing Artwork for Your Home

  1. Always look at the quality of the artwork

Setting up your home with the things you love is everyone’s dream, hence we tend to buy everything that might suit our interiors but when you’re considering buying affordable art for home remember not to compromise on the quality of the artwork you will be investing your money in. Ensuring that the print work or the painting you buy is done on supreme quality canvas or paper which eventually lasts longer than the rest of the low-quality artworks is absolutely essential. We tell you the ways to bring paintings for home that are quality assured! Be it a traditional Indian painting, a precious tribal art or contemporary paintings coming from legends like Vincent Van Gogh – The Bimba gives you all these artworks which are premium framed art prints done on museum-grade archival paper; this ensures at least 100+ years in ideal indoor conditions. Apart from the premium paper, the artworks are framed in your choice of color (black or brown) which are specially handmade by The Bimba’s expert team of framers. With sustainable packaging and artwork with excellent colors and detailing, you get a painting for home decoration and a sense of satisfaction. So, do not look any further and dive into our world of art online!

  1. Pick artwork according to the rooms

Each part of your home has a purpose and you’d want to decorate it accordingly. Efficient and sensible ways of bringing art for home would ultimately alleviate the look and feel of your home. For example, your living room should exude positive vibes and yet have eye-catching artwork for your guests to be amused with. Be it the famous modern artworks of Vincent Van Gogh or the magnificent Pattachitras, you would want to pick a famous art for home that would proudly sit in the center of your living room. Similarly, your bedrooms are your private spaces that deserve serene, cozy, and minimalist artworks which can be found in the works of Kamisaka Sekka, and on the other hand, you can bless the little corners of your home with the presence of Pichwai paintings and fill your praying room with pristine energy. Lastly, never forget your passageways which may need some colors to bring it to life, and what better way than to look into abstract art which is not only colorful but brilliantly done by various artists. Take your pick!

  1. Know the meaning behind each artwork and make your house a content place

Your humble abode reflects your personality and the type of energy you would want to pass onto others – peace, joy, thoughtfulness, creativity, sacredness, or spirituality and it all ends up in the way you decorate your house. Affordable art paintings for home are a blessing, as they amp up the look of your house without costing you much, but it’s important to remember the significance behind each painting before bringing it home. Every painting for home decoration has a belief or message attached to it – Pichwai paintings are considered godly, Gond paintings are considered auspicious and bring in positive energy, scenes from certain mythological stories in Classical Indian arts are fascinating and add the artistic touch to your personal spaces and if you’re someone who believes in the philosophy of Feng Shui then you should definitely have a look at Madhubani paintings who share the same characteristics as the Japanese philosophy of Feng Shui artworks. Everyone knows their home best and hence any modern artwork or classical traditional artwork with a certain significance attached to it needs to be researched about and then have a place in your home.


  1. Pick the right size and handle it with care

Picking a modern artwork that is awfully big or seemingly small may take away its charm. Before buying any famous artwork for home always remember to work with one thing – dimensions. Get handy with your walls and rooms and measure how big they are, this will give you an idea of how big or small you want to keep your paintings and what would suit the walls of your bedroom, living room, reading room, etc. The Bimba offers you not one but six different sizes to pick from; ranging from mini (11x13) to extra large (27x37), they offer you artwork prints of all sizes which would suit your needs. Reach out to them and they would do a custom-sized work for you with your favorite painting as a supreme quality print. A one-stop-shop for all your artwork needs!

Once you have picked the size of your paintings, always remember to handle it with care once unwrapped. Sustainable packaging of products ensures its safe transportation and minimum damage to shocks and at the same time, doesn’t harm the environment. As a thumb of rule, always use both your hands to handle a painting no matter how small it is; for a large painting always carry the artwork vertically with two people supporting the corners from all fours.

  1. Art isn’t limited to paintings

If you thought all you could do was to bring affordable art painting for home to deck it up, then we’ll update you ‒ there are hundreds of other options. Don’t be scared to let your imagination run wild and experiment. Paintings are just one way of adding décor to your home, you can always look further and add rugs, showpieces, small sculptures, offbeat furniture, rugs, carpets, eccentric lights, small indoor plants, wall hangings, wallpapers – the list is endless. So, there is not one, but many ways to bring art for home and even your office. Take a good look at your surroundings and try to team different colors and sizes that would fit the right corner of your home. If you don’t want to spend money on buying new products then get rummaging around your storeroom and you can always build something interesting from old newspapers, magazines, cardboards, colors, or anything that fits your DIY décor ideas. Give a personalized touch to your favorite corners with eco-friendly products created by your own magical hands!

February 08, 2021 — Team Bimba