5 Devotional Paintings that make Exquisite Diwali Gifts

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals to be celebrated in India. It is the time to bring joy, hope, and wealth into our homes. Every year as the festive season descends upon us, we not only get ready to buy diyas, lights, sweets, new clothes but also to give our loved ones some exquisite gifts – a gesture of love and warmth. With new times, we leave the good old box of sweets (as a gift, of course. We can never stop eating them!) and level up our game with exquisite yet affordable paintings as gifts to your near and dear ones.

Today, we tell you about five Indian paintings that will make exquisite Diwali gifts. These Indian artworks are traditional and will fit into every home like a hand in glove. Our picks – Pattachitra paintings, Classical Indian Art paintings, Pichwai paintings, Kalighat paintings, and Madhubani paintings. Read on to shortlist your favorite Indian artwork and get shopping!


1.     Pattachitra Paintings

Starting from one of the most intricate and religious paintings, Pattachitra paintings (patta meaning cloth and chitra meaning painting) culminated in Odisha and Bengal. These two styles were used for separate purposes – Odisha Pattachitra was used as a substitute for Lord Jagannath’s idol in temples and the Bengal Pattachitra was used as a form of narrative art. Pattachitra paintings are famous for depicting legends like Ramayana and various Hindu Gods who are often shown seated in durbars. As a Diwali gift, A Ganesha Pattachitra or a Lakshmi Darbar painting is the perfect artwork to gift!


2.     Classical Indian Art

A Classical Indian Art painting is extremely diverse and elegant in nature as a gifting option. This art form influenced modern Indian art as a cult that originally began under the rule of the mighty Mughals. From the 16th century onwards, the Mughal school of miniature art flourished, creating miniature art which has been carefully documented and preserved. The other three schools of miniature paintings were the Rajput or Rajasthani School, the Deccan School, and the Pahari School. The ‘Ladies Celebrating Diwali’ Classical Indian art is a royal interpretation of how the grandly the festival was celebrated in medieval times.


3.     Pichwai Paintings

One of the most famous and loved artworks, Pichwai paintings makes it in our list of Diwali gifts simply for the reason of how diverse it is and easily spotted at every Indian household. The occasion of Diwali calls for gifting auspiciousness and there is nothing more godly than a Pichwai artwork. Pichwai paintings originated in Rajasthan’s Nathdwara region, this style of painting depicts Shrinath Ji, the seven-year-old manifestation of Lord Krishna. Traditionally, Pichwai (pich meaning back and wai meaning textile wall hanging) paintings were hung behind the idol of Shrinath ji. Over the years, it has adapted to the needs of the modern audience and is now available in contemporary styles as well. Our bestselling Shrinath  Ji Gold Pichwai Painting is minimal yet the gold hues exude an aura of grandness!


  1. Kalighat Paintings

A peculiar wash of watercolors and bold lines – Kalighat paintings are different yet traditional. This Bengali style of painting sprung up near the ghats of Kalighat Kali temple in the 19th century. Traditionally, patuas (painters) portrayed Hindu gods and goddesses which were later taken as souvenirs by the temple visitors. Kalighat paintings were also famous for their quirky contemporary style that began with the advent of the Britishers. This art form is simplistic and clean that focuses on the subject of the painting - one which can be seen in our Ganpati and Goddess Durga Kalighat painting.


  1. Madhubani Paintings

Last but not the least, we suggest one of the finest Indian paintings – Madhubani paintings. To gift a Madhubani painting to someone is like filling their lives with colors and warmth. Madhubani paintings are known for a canvas that is filled to the brim. With motifs like flowers, leaves, birds, and animals, it happens to be the most colorful form of Indian art. These artworks are also known for their auspicious nature. The symbols that are meticulously planned, send out a symbolic message and hence, this art form moves beyond how it looks - it is also about what it manifests.

Did any of the paintings interest you? If yes, then head over to our collection and browse through a variety of paintings to gift your loved ones.

September 21, 2021 — Team Bimba